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Envizions was incorporated on August 04, 2004. Our goal is to build and sustain a competitive advantage by satisfying consumer needs through efficiency, innovation, quality, and being responsive to the needs that are specified by our customers. Through this strategy we can provide a timely and effective conduit that facilitates the success of our products and services for our customers.

These vital services support Envizions' broad customer client base that range from business to consumers . Envizions provides several products and services that fulfill consumer needs. Through our innovative technology, intellectual programming, state-of-the-art hardware, and exceptional service Envizions focus is provide the most amazing experience for our customers. Envizions support commercial and home user with the best open source platforms like Linux and Android. We work close with oversees manufacturers to redistribute the latest hardware and develop the exciting new software to push the limits of the Envizions hardware.

On January 1, 2003 an idea was put into motion. Many considered this idea to be bold and risky, something that would change the life of its creator forever. It would be called the EVO system, a convergence entertainment game console that allowed multiple users to play the system with one game. The EVO system was truly a concept before it’s time in scope and scale.
Initially, EVO was called the digital interactive home console, but was changed to The EVO Smart Console later in 2008. EVO would be a breakthrough hardware device that would blur the line between the computer, media center, TV, internet, set-top box and gaming system.
The idea was to create a system that would have such a broad appeal that it would provide various entertainment choices for gamers. The EVO system would be a sleek powerful machine that would revolutionize the industry.
“Working night and day on this system has been a labor of love. The passion that I have for this project is mind-blowing, but I also understand the challenge that I have faced and will face. This was truly a quest to build the ultimate convergence game device regardless of the outcome….I had fun!” –Derrick Samuels in 2004 from his unpublished novel “I want to build a game console.”

Derrick Samuels CEO and Chairman

Derrick Samuels is the CEO and Chairman of the Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation. Mr. Samuels has developed several business ventures such as EVO, EVO 2, EVO 2 DX, and EVO 2 DX Pocket, GameBox Storage and Qquip SMS Reward Service and card game. He started Envizions with family and friends $5 investments from family and friends in 2004.

Monica Ferrell VP of Public Relations and Business Marketing

Mrs. Ferrell has excellent communications skills and strives to continue EVO works directly with sponsors and advertisers for all Envizions platforms.

Christopher McInnish Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Engineering

Christopher McInnish has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Electronics Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute and is in the process of attaining his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology.He Work development team on the GameBox project.

Terrence Johnson Director of Operations and Business Development

Terrence Johnson joined the company on August 5, 2006. Terrence has worked on the EVO projects, GameBox and Qquip SMS Reward projects. Has work close on the birth of the GameBox platform and oversee new business development for all Envizions platforms.


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